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Quick Hit- The Galt Line

This quick hit appeared in the January 5-11 issue of the Inlander.

"I don’t exactly know if I like ‘jump blues’ or ‘gypsy jazz’ by I do know that I like THE GALT LINE. The Washington, D.C.-based duo has been jump blues-ing and gypsy-jazzing since 2008, combining those genres, as well as R&B, rockabilly and Western swing, to produce a sound that is neither modern, nor ancient, neither country, nor rock n’ roll. It instead pulls a little here and there from each of those styles.

Vocalist and ukulele player, Blythe Crawford, - who stomps her bottle-capped anklet adorned feet through the set - sings and skats with a honeyed voice edged with razor blades. She alternates between a smooth, lilting tone and a deep, bar room cackle, hootin’ and hollerin’ as if she really were a fed up country gal. Not to be outdone, guitarist Willie Gammell, who started playing blues and psychedelic music when he was 15, holds his own, playing groove after groove of danceable roots rock and blues riffs that you can’t help but tap you toes to.

The Galt Line and Silver Treason - Fri, Jan. 6 at 11 pm - Free - 21+ - Baby Bar - 827 W. 1st - 847-1234

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