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Quick Hit: Bukue One

This Quick Hit appeared in the January 19-25 issue of the Inlander.

"Bay Area rapper BUKUE ONE sticks very closely to the old saying, “Write what you know.” Mentions of skateboarding, graffiti and breakdancing, all activities he got into as a teen, are present in many of his songs.

Born Tion Torrence, Bukue grew up between Berkeley and Oakland, California, watching skateboarding videos that featured bands like Bad Religion and Black Flag and hanging out with friends who listened to N.W.A. and Run-D.M.C. This mix of music influenced him to create Urban Productions, a company that combined his love of skating and hip-hop.

Bukue’s entry into the hip-hop world came a few years later with a song about graffiti artists, “4 Tha Graff Heads,” which became a minor hit Australia. Since then, Bukue has continued to revitalize the rap scene with his unique blend of skate and graffiti culture.


Bukue One and Zak Hendrix - Sun, Jan. 22 at 9 pm - $5 - 21+ - Red Room Lounge - 521 W. Sprague Ave. - 838-7613

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