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Quick Hit- The Ascetic Junkies

This quick hit appeared in the Feb. 2- Feb. 8 issue of the Inlander.

It’s difficult to categorize a band’s music when they don’t exactly know what to call themselves either. THE ASCETIC JUNKIES, a Portland-based quartet, has been called a bluegrass and folk band in the past, but that was only because they used to have a banjo player. They now call themselves an Americana/pop band but have been known to cover the likes of Beyoncé and LCD Soundsystem. Huh?

Led by vocalist/guitarist/husband Matt Harmon and vocalist/keyboardist/wife Kali Giaritta, let’s call the Ascetic Junkies an Americana pop-rock band. And they’re playing two shows in the area so you’ll have twice the chance to listen and create a more specific classification for them yourself.


The Ascetic Junkies and Holiday Friends! • Tues, Feb. 7 ay 7 pm • $5 advanced; $7 day of • All-ages • The Belltower • 125 SE Spring St. • 334-3182 • The Ascetic Junkies with the Horse Thieves • Thurs, Feb. 9 at 10 pm • $5 • All-ages/21+? • Mootsy’s • 406 W. Sprague Ave. • 838-1570”

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SpIFF Review- Inuk

This film review appeared in the Feb. 2-Feb. 8 issue of the Inlander.


The Magic Lantern | Sat, Feb. 4 at 8:30 pm and Sun, Feb. 5 at 4:15 pm


After losing his father at a young age, Inuit teen Inuk became a shell of his former self. Found wandering the streets at night due to his mother’s alcoholism and one too many beatings from his stepfather, he is sent up north to a children’s home. The home’s owner, seeing that Inuk refuses to leave the world he’s created beneath his headphones, asks her hunter friends to take her and the children on a trip, led by hardened polar bear hunter Ikuma. Along the way, everyone learns that they are much stronger than they think. GREENLAND| 90 mins (Azaria Podplesky)”

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Calendar Blurb- Catfish Moon

This calendar blurb appeared in the Jan. 26-Feb. 1 issue of the Inlander.

Deep-Fried Funny

Fishing, is one of those love it or hate it kind of sports. Either you love listening to the silence and having time to think, or you hate the waiting and the worms. The characters in Southern comedy Catfish Moon - Curley, Gordon and Frog - are definitely part of the former group.

In the play, the trio plan an overnight fishing trip, thinking it will be good to reconnect. As the night goes on, though, they are struck with the reality of adult stresses. In the end, this fishing trip helps all three men realize that no matter what obstacles they face, their friends will always be there for them.

Catfish Moon stars Dave Rideout as Curley, Billy Hultquist as Gordon, Jerome Gray as Frog and Sara Nicholls as Betty.

The play, which runs until mid-February, is directed by Chris Wooley, who worked as a sound engineer in Thoroughly Modern Millie and on the sound team in A Christmas Carol and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. No doubt you’ll being saying “Howdy, y’all” once you leave the theater.


Catfish Moon • Fri, Jan. 27 through Sun, Feb. 19 • Thurs, Fri, Sat at 7:30 pm; Sun, at 2 pm • $19 • Spokane Civic Theatre • 1020 N. Howard St. • spokanecivictheatre.com • 325-2507

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Quick Hit- Rough Congress

This quick hit appeared in the Jan. 26-Feb. 1 issue of the Inlander.

"You know how Beyoncé was the standout member of Destiny’s Child? Well it’s not so easy finding the Beyoncé in Spokane super group ROUGH CONGRESS. Each member brings something entirely different to the stage.

Lead singer Brandon O’Neill brings a powerful voice to the mix, performing as a professional theatre actor and jazz vocalist. Keyboardist Chris White brings a composer’s ear to the band, creating music for TV, commercials and film. Jake Barr, the band’s bassist, is a hugely sought after studio player. Jamie Frost toured with Sub-Pop’s the Makers, and plays gritty, blues-infused guitar riffs. Drummer Aaron Saye also has a connection to the Makers, recording and touring with them in the past.

Though this is something of a reunion show, the band’s still-solid fan base is sure to turn out in sweaty droves to hear RC’s mix of originals and covers of ’60s, ’70s and ’80s tunes.


Rough Congress • Fri, Jan. 27 and Sat, Jan. 28 at 9 pm • $5 • 21+ • Zola • 22 W. Main • 624-2416

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Quick Hit- Sick Kids XOXO

This quick hit appeared in the Jan. 26-Feb. 1 issue of the Inlander.

"Now I know what you’re going to say: “Electro-pop? C’mon, who needs another Owl City sound-alike?”  Trust me when I tell you that SICK KIDS XOXOis much better than your preconceived electro-pop notions.

Yes, the Missoula-based quintet features a synth, but they also have a solid percussion section and duo vocals from synth player Karma Baker and guitarist Michael Gill. And they don’t sing about things like fireflies, but rather about the ups and downs of daily life.

The info section on the band’s Facebook page, which reads vaguely like a thesis paper on the power of music, describes the overall goal of their songs: to let listeners know that they are not alone in their struggles with love, heartbreak, pain and elation. Sick Kids XOXO have experienced these problems, too, and want to help listeners work through them, one track at a time.


Sick Kids XOXO with DJ Drums, Bandit Train and Mirror Mirror • Fri, Jan. 27 at 9 pm • $5 • 21+ • Mootsy’s • 406 W. Sprague • 838-1570

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SpIFF Review- The Mill & the Cross

This film review appeared in the Jan. 26-Feb. 1 issue of the Inlander.


The Magic Lantern | Sat, Jan. 28 at 2 pm and Sun, Jan. 29 at 11:45 am


This movie is like cinematic trail mix. It’s part silent film, with only a handful of words spoken until a third of the way through. It’s also part historical play, with actors performing in front of a painted backdrop for a majority of the film. And it’s part documentary, with the day-to-day activities of a dozen or so characters from Pieter Bruegel’s epic painting, “The Way to Calvary,” including Jesus and the Virgin Mary, showcased on screen. As the film progresses, we see how each character’s actions, some seemingly mundane, affect those of another, and change the dynamic of the town. SWEDEN/POLAND | 92 mins (AZARIA PODPLESKY)”

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Calendar Blurb- All-American Rejects

This calendar blurb appeared in the January 19-25 issue of the Inlander.

American Dream MUSIC

For calling themselve the All-American Rejects, these guys sure are successful. Their songs have been featured in several TV shows and movies and even Rock Band. They’ve sold over 10 million albums. And all from a pop rock band who formed in little old Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999.

The All-American Rejects got their first taste of fame in 2003, after releasing their self-titled debut album, which spawned the hit “Swing, Swing,” an MTV staple. It was all uphill from there, as the band released their second album, Move Along, in 2005. Singles like “Move Along,” “It Ends Tonight,” and “Dirty Little Secrets,” whose video featured people holding PostSecrets postcards of, well, dirty little secrets, made the Rejects a household name.

They released their third album, When the World Comes Down, in 2008. It included what is perhaps the band’s most successful single yet, “Gives You Hell,” which has sold over four million copies in the United States alone.

There’s seemingly no end in sight for the Rejects, as they prepare to release their latest album, Kids In the Street, in March, with a single to come at the end of the month.


The All-American Rejects - Mon, Jan. 23 at 7 pm - $20 - A Club - 416 W. Sprague Ave. - aclubspokane.com - 624-3629

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Calendar Blurb- Mythbusters

This calendar blurb appeared in the January 19-25 issue of the Inlander.

Myth Confirmed SCIENCE

Is there anything better than coming home after a long day’s work, fixing dinner, settling down on the couch and watching a couple of goofballs blow things up, all in the name of science? I really don’t think so. And neither do Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, better known as the Mythbusters, co-hosts of the beloved Emmy-nominated show of the same name that is in its ninth season on the Discovery Channel.

The duo, who have extensive backgrounds in special effects, are now moving from your living room to the stage, taking their sometimes literally explosive show with them. The cross-country Behind the Myths Tour is sure to be an educational, albeit crazy, experience, complete with on-stage mythbusting, videos of some of the best explosions from the show and behind-the-scenes stories. Some lucky audience members will also get to be honorary Mythbusters for the night as they help Savage and Hyneman with their on-stage experiments.

No word on whether or not they’ll be bringing series regular Buster the Crash Test Dummy along with them.


Mythbusters - Fri, Jan. 20 at 8 pm - $50-$100 - INB Performing Arts Center - 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd - inbpac.com - 279-7000

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